Will my brain injury be covered under Workers' Compensation in Iowa if it occurred while I was stocking shelves at work and something heavy fell down and struck my head?

If you sustained a brain injury after being struck by a falling object when stocking shelves at work, you will be covered under Workers' Compensation in Iowa if you were acting within in the limits of your employment and not engaging in improper behaviors. Worker's Compensation in Iowa covers both medical and disability in addition to vocational benefits (if necessary).

Heavy items have the potential to cause blunt force trauma, leading to mild, medium, or severe brain injuries. Symptoms may range from a headache, confusion, and fatigue to seizures, decreased motor function, and even coma. All brain injuries should be checked out by a medical professional as soon as possible.

An Ames Workers' Comp lawyer can help you file for Workers' Compensation in Iowa after sustaining a job-related brain injury. By calculating your medical expenses and working with a physician or expert who can estimate the long-term costs of your brain injury, your lawyer can help you obtain enough compensation to cover your health care costs. Your Workers' Compensation in Iowa will also provide up to 80% of your weekly spendable earnings.

If there is a dispute with your Worker's Compensation in Iowa claim, your Ames Workers' Comp lawyer can also prepare your case in an effort to reach a successful resolution.  Workers' Compensation in Iowa disputes are overseen by the Division of Workers' Compensation.

Time is of the essence when filing a Workers' Compensation in Iowa claim. When you hire a Workers' Comp lawyer immediately after your workplace accident, your lawyer can begin collecting evidence for your case in order to secure compensation for your expenses.

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