Last Updated: 10/5/2023

Rain or other types of inclement weather doesn’t usually reduce driver liability for a car accident in Iowa. Although it may be taken into consideration, there are still expectations to drive with caution when there is bad weather. An Iowa injury attorney in Ankeny will examine the details of the accident and any evidence that may indicate the other driver acted negligently, such as speeding in bad weather.

Impact of Rain and Other Weather Conditions in a Car Accident

Whenever someone gets behind the wheel, it’s important to drive according to weather conditions. This means slowing down to an appropriate speed if it’s raining, snowing, or if there is fog or other weather conditions that make driving more dangerous.

The same is true for making sure enough distance is kept between vehicles. Having to stop in slippery conditions can be challenging, so there must be enough space to allow for safe stopping.

If there is evidence that a traffic law was broken (such as speeding, running a red light or intoxication), then a traffic citation will likely be issued. This citation can be a valuable piece of evidence when filing a claim following a car accident in Iowa, as it can demonstrate that a driver acted negligently.

Yet not receiving a citation doesn’t negate a person’s responsibility to drive slowly and carefully when it’s raining outside. In fact, with the risk of an accident being elevated in these conditions, there may be an even greater expectation placed on drivers to drive in a responsible manner.

An Iowa Injury Attorney in Ankeny Can Help Prove Driver Liability in a Car Accident

If someone has been seriously injured and it’s believed that another driver was the cause – whether or not the accident took place in poor weather – it is important to seek legal counsel.

At Walker, Billingsley & Bair in Iowa, an injury attorney can help Ankeny drivers who have been in a serious accident. A lawyer can evaluate the circumstances surrounding a crash – such as weather conditions, driver behavior, and more – to determine driver liability. 

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