When a Car Accident in Iowa Leads to Disfigurement (Part B)

Another disfiguring injury that can be sustained in a serious car accident in Des Moines is a traumatic amputation. This is the loss of a limb as a result of it being crushed or severed. 

In the best-case scenario, the limb can be saved and reattached. However, even then, it could mean long-term physical therapy in order to regain the use of it. Between the hospital stay, therapy, medication and follow-up appointments, you may wonder who will pay for the expenses.

Unfortunately, a traumatic amputation could also mean the permanent loss of a limb. It may not be possible to reattach the limb; therefore, the use of a prosthesis may become necessary. This can be very difficult to accept. The emotional trauma of such an injury can last a lifetime.

If the traumatic amputation occurred to one or both legs, it could mean getting used to a wheelchair. This type of limited mobility can affect all areas of an individual’s life, from their ability to socialize to work. It could also mean being unable to return to the same job as before or even becoming permanently disabled.

Help from a Des Moines Injury Law Firm

While nothing can change the circumstances of your disfiguring injury, there is something you can do to try and get your life back. By filing a claim after your car accident in Des Moines, you can attempt to recover the damages that address all of your financial, physical and emotional losses.

A Des Moines injury law firm can help assemble the evidence you will need in order to prove the other party’s negligence. An attorney can help establish the impact your disfiguring injury has had on your life, so that all of your losses are taken into consideration after your car accident in Des Moines.

Contacting a Des Moines Injury Law Firm

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