The nice weather has officially come to Iowa and the weather is certainly showing it. Many Iowans are getting out and enjoying the weather by biking throughout towns and cities. Biking is a big part of recreation in Iowa; there are many biking paths and trails for riders to enjoy. The state also hosts its yearly RAGBRAI ride across the state. There have been a lot of adjustments made regarding bikers throughout the state of Iowa such as certain towns and cities making a lane on the road just for bikers, you can find these in areas of Iowa City and Des Moines which is a very nice improvement for bikers.

Is Maintenance on My Bike Really Important?

Please remember to keep safety and maintenance in mind before you hop on your bike. Upkeep of your bike is very important, because it will help you to prevent getting hurt or being in an accident. If you fail to have your bike up to speed with maintenance you take the chance of getting a flat tire or having the chain slip off in the middle of riding, which could be very dangerous depending on where you are riding. A quick inspection of your bike will let you know if you are good to go. You should check the air in your tires to make sure they have the right amount of pressure, check the handlebar alignment for proper steering, and keep your chain oiled so it does not rust up or slip off the track. These are simple things you can watch out for that may help prevent injury or even save your life.

What Safety Things Can I Do?

Aside from bike maintenance, you also need to worry about your safety such as wearing a helmet and other protective equipment like gloves, etc. Where you decide to ride is something to consider.  Bikers are allowed just about everywhere, but that does not mean you should ride everywhere.  It would be wise to ride your bike in a safe area rather than a busy highway or street. If you do decide to ride on a busy street, it would benefit you to have mirrors on your bike so you can see the traffic behind you. Once you decide where you are going to ride your bike, you need to know the rules of riding such as when to cross the street at a stop light, what side of the street to ride on, and when to enter traffic. Please remember that riding at night can be even more dangerous than during the day. Always be sure to wear bright clothing and have reflectors or lights on your bike so cars, pedestrians, and other bike riders can see you.

Bike riding is one of the many ways to enjoy the nice weather in Iowa; we just ask that you do it in a safe manner.  If you are injured by a car while riding, the driver's car insurance and your own insurance may be available for recovery.

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