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If you or a loved one have been injured or killed in a motorcycle crash in Iowa, then depending upon who was at fault you may be contacted by an insurance company.  If the other driver was at fault (also called negligent) for causing the crash then chances are that the other driver's insurance company will call or even stop by to ask you some questions about what happened.  If you have not heard from the insurance company within a few days of the crash, then you may want to contact the other driver's insurance company on your own to discuss your property damage.  However, if you have collision coverage on your motorcycle you may want to consider just using your own insurance to repair your property damage or replace your motorcycle.  It is often faster and easier to use your own collision coverage.  We have seen cases where it has taken months before the insurance company made contact with an injured person to discuss property damage. 

How Can Talking to the Insurance Adjustor Cost Me Money? 

Most of the time the insurance adjuster will be nice to you in hopes that you will cooperate which not only makes their job easier but can also cost you tens of thousands of dollars.  It is likely that the adjuster will ask for a recorded statement.  They may say I would just like to ask you a few questions about what happened and record our conversation.  Sounds easy enough right?  Keep in mind that the insurance adjuster is a highly trained professional who has been taught to ask you questions to get you to answer in such a way that could later hurt your case.  Think of a question like "when did you stop beating your wife?"  There is no answer that sounds good to that question.  It is seldom a good idea to give an insurance company a recorded statement because you may say something that could result in them denying your case completely or reducing their settlement offer to you later.  For example, if they ask you did you ever have back pain before the motorcycle accident?  If you say no, and there are prior records showing you have seen a chiropractor, perhaps had physical therapy, etc., they have made you look like you are lying and trying to cover up your prior treatment.  It is a normal reaction to say "no, I have never had back pain like this before", but that is not what the question asks.  This is just one of many questions that if you answer it wrong, you could cost yourself tens of thousands of dollars.

So What Should I Do? 

You may consider hiring a qualified Iowa personal injury attorney who will handle contact with the insurance company on your behalf.  If you are not ready to hire an injury lawyer just yet, then you should at least request a copy of our Iowa Motorcycle Accident book which reveals how you can deal with the insurance adjuster on your own along with your rights and responsibilities under Iowa law.  For immediate assistance or to schedule your NO COST accident case evaluation, CALL (641) 792-3595 NOW and ask to speak to Corey or Erik.

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