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When you suffer an injury at work and have a workers' comp case in Iowa, it is very important that you are truthful throughout the entire process. Once you file the claim, there are many different parties involved in the process, each of which will want to know not only how the injury occurred, but also the truth about your current and past medical history. Staying as truthful as possible throughout the entire process will help your claim go smoothly.

The Doctor

Tell the doctor that handles your workers' comp case the truth about your past medical history. If you hurt your back on your current job, but also have a back injury in your history, it is important to state that. A pre-existing condition does not automatically mean that your claim will be denied, but if you hide your medical history from the doctor, it could affect your claim and looks like you are trying to mislead them.

Insurance Company

The insurance company has a large stake in your claim and will monitor the entire process very closely. They are going to be particularly interested in your medical history as well as how the injury occurred. Telling the truth at all times is crucial as many insurance agents have ways to follow you or monitor your activity through physical means as well as monitoring your social media activity.  If you are telling the complete story, you won't have to worry about remembering what you told each person because it will be the same.


Your employer obviously has a vested interested in your case and will want to know all of the details of your injury. It is very important to relay all of the details of your injury including how it occurred, what you did immediately following the injury and what you are feeling. Hiding any of the details of the incident from your employer will only cause harm to your case in the long run. You should also try to include as many witnesses to your injury as possible to help further the legitimacy of your claim.

There are many factors that go into a workers' comp case in Iowa. The one factor that remains true through any case and with anyone involved in your case is the need for honesty. Your doctor, the insurance company and the employer will need to know everything that occurred, including any previous injuries that you have suffered to help them determine if you were hurt on the job and to what degree.

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