Distracted Texting and Driving Down roadCan you remember a time when you drove recklessly or did something behind the wheel you shouldn’t have? People do things they shouldn’t while driving, which means a lot of accidents that happen out on the roads most likely could be prevented if drivers would stay alert and focus on the road and their surroundings. Not everyone can be a perfect driver all the time; however, avoiding these eight dangers can help you become a better one:

1. Swerving
2. Inattentive driving
3. Driving while drowsy
4. Drinking and driving
5. Speeding
6. Not wearing a seat belt
7. Running a red light
8. Erratic or reckless driving

You may be thinking that it is common sense not to do these things; however, they are some of the most common acts or omissions that result in a car accident in Iowa.  Drivers should be aware of what is causing car accidents so they can take steps to prevent accidents. Each danger mentioned in this article is very dangerous on its own; if you were to combine any of them together you would increase your risk of getting into an accident significantly. Driving perfect can’t happen all the time, but if you take your time getting to where you are going and stay alert while driving you should be just fine.

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