Last Updated: 12/28/2023

If you or someone that you care about has been hurt at work in Iowa, then whether you decide to hire a lawyer and which one that you decide to hire are two very important decisions. 

Should You Hire a Work Injury Lawyer?

You definitely do not need to hire a lawyer for every work injury that you sustain.  For example, if your injuries are only temporary and minor (an injury that only requires a few stitches or an injury that is not permanent) and the insurance company is paying for your medical care and your time off work, then you probably do not need to hire a work injury lawyer.  However, if your claim has been denied or if your injuries are more serious and will most likely be permanent (you have had surgery, you are still having problems months after the work injury, etc.), then it is probably a good idea to at least learn about your rights as an injured worker in Iowa and consider hiring a qualified work injury lawyer.

How Do I Decide Which Work Injury Lawyer to Hire?

This is a very important decision to make because under Iowa law any attorney can say they handle workers' compensation cases even if they have no experience and have never represented an injured worker.  That's right, so you are going to have to do some research, but here are some tips:

            1. Make sure they are attorneys who have physical offices here in Iowa and actually practice law here.  Lawyers from other states will sign up Iowa cases and then pass the case onto an Iowa attorney and take a fee from the case.  This means you do not know who the real lawyer is that will be working on your very important work injury claim.

            2. Look to see what the lawyer's prior clients say about their services, either in written and/or video testimonials.  There should be a link to these at the lawyer's webpage usually in a tab called Testimonials.

            3. What case results have they obtained for clients.  Remember that each and every case is different and you cannot base the value of your case on prior results for other clients, but this will at least give you an idea if the attorney has successfully represented injured workers before.  There should be a tab called Results on the lawyer's webpage.  If this information is not available, then this may raise a red flag to you. 

            4. You can go to an attorney review site like and see what both prior clients and other attorneys have to say about the lawyer that you are researching.  Also, you can look at what their Avvo score is on a scale from 1 to 10.  However, keep in mind that having a score of 10 does not automatically mean they are the best.  An attorney with a score of 7, 8 or 9 who has lots of positive client reviews may be just as good.    

            5. Has the lawyer put together a book and/or a Video Series about Iowa work injury laws that you can request and read in the comfort of your own home?  If they have not done this, then you may wonder if they really are looking out for the best interests of injured workers in Iowa.   

The decision whether to hire a work injury lawyer is a very important one.  Also, choosing the best Iowa work injury lawyer for you and your case will take some time, but by using the above tips you should be able to find an experienced and qualified Iowa lawyer to assist you. 

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