5 Things to Look for in an Iowa Workers’ Compensation Lawyer (Part B)

Factor #3 - How Your Case is Handled

Once you're confident that the Iowa workers' compensation lawyer has the necessary focus and experience to help with your claim, you need to make sure they're going to put it to good use. The first thing you should discuss is exactly WHO is going to handle your case for a work injury in Des Moines.

When you're in a consultation for your claim, you may not be speaking to the actual lawyer who will handle your file. In fact, many large law firms pass off the lower-profile cases to less experienced lawyers, or sometimes allow paralegals and interns to handle the details.

You have the right to make sure that your case is handled by a lawyer with the experience you would expect them to have with a case like yours.

Factor #4 - Payment of Legal Fees

Discussing payment for service isn't something we like to deal with, but it's a necessary discussion to have when choosing legal representation. Most of the time your Iowa workers' compensation lawyer will work on a contingency fee plan, meaning they do not collect payment unless they win your case.

This is often the best scenario for you, as it gives them a vested interest in winning your case for the highest amount possible. The bigger the settlement, the higher their percentage. Beware lawyers who ask for up-front payment for their service, as this means they'll be compensated no matter whether they put all their effort into getting you a fair settlement or not.

Factor #5 - Inspiring Confidence in Your Case

Part of the reason why victims of a work injury in Des Moines seek help with their workers' compensation claims is because they're uncertain of their rights to compensation. One of the points you should bring up in your consultation is what chances your case has in resolving for a fair amount, and just what that amount should be.

While no one can guarantee a settlement amount for your case, an Iowa workers' compensation lawyer with experience with cases similar to yours can use this knowledge to develop an estimated value for your case. This gives you a target and helps you avoid being shorted the compensation you deserve.

Contacting an Iowa Workers' Compensation Lawyer

As an Iowa worker you have the right to a safe workplace without risk of suffering a work injury in Des Moines. The Iowa workers' compensation legal team at Walker, Billingsley & Bair know the importance of protecting your work injury claim from the get-go. Learn more by ordering this FREE book; Iowa Workers' Compensation - An Insider's Guide to Work Injuries: 7 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid If You Are Hurt At Work or by calling 1-800-707-2552 or contact us online.

Corey Walker
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