5 Things to Look for in Your Iowa Workers’ Compensation Lawyer (Part A)

When you are employed by a company you trust that your employers and co-workers will act appropriately to ensure your safety while on the job. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and as an Iowa worker you have the right to compensation for your injuries when you suffer a work injury in Des Moines. To make sure these rights are upheld, an Iowa Workers' Compensation lawyer can help.

Not all lawyers are created equally, so before choosing a law firm to represent your case, you should consider these 5 important factors: 

Factor #1 - Your Lawyer's Practice

As you evaluate potential law firms, look at how they market themselves. Are they listed as a general law firm and handle everything from car accidents to divorce cases? Or are they specifically focused on workplace injury cases?

The practice areas listed on an Iowa workers' compensation lawyer's website should all be related to personal injury. This means they're focused on Iowa injury law, and not other areas of law. You want someone that works with your type of claim daily.

Factor #2 - Your Lawyer's Experience

You shouldn't have to ask if your lawyer has ever handled a case like yours before - but it's a valid concern to have. There are many lawyers who have never taken a claim for a work injury in Des Moines to trial, even though they've been in practice for years.

Your Iowa workers' compensation attorney doesn't necessarily have to have taken a case to trial, but they should be prepared to do so if you cannot reach a fair settlement out of court. Lawyers who avoid trials are often covering for fear of court or inexperience, and may jeopardize your settlement chances by not pursuing a fair value for your claim.

Lawyer experience isn't just about the years in practice; it's about actual time spent working cases like yours. A trustworthy lawyer will be able to cite past case history and show you outcomes in cases similar to yours to give you confidence that they know how to handle your Iowa workers' compensation claim. It would be in your best interest to contact an experienced workers' compensation lawyer today.

Your lawyer's credentials aren't all you should focus on when it comes to making this important choice. There's more to ask about case protocols and estimates that can help you decide on legal help.

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Corey Walker
With over 20 years legal experience, Corey has been recognized for his work as an injury attorney.