In addition to paying attention to one’s surroundings when on a motorcycle, a motorcyclist’s visibility to other motorists is essential for safety and protection while riding. It can be a key to avoiding an accident. If you’re a motorcyclist in Iowa, here are some motorcycle safety tips for making yourself more visible.

Wear Bright Colors

While the cliché look for motorcyclists involves black leather, dark colors can be hard to see and don’t increase your visibility. Try to wear something bright, as doing so will improve the ease with which other drivers can see you. Wearing something bright is especially important at night when visibility is especially bad.

Consider Reflective Gear

If you can’t bring yourself to wear a neon jacket while riding, no worries, reflective gear and/or reflective tape can help do the trick. You can add reflective tape to your bike, your helmet, and/or the back of a jacket to increase your visibility and decrease the chance of an accident.

Avoid Cars’ Blind Spots

Always avoid riding in a car’s, “no zone,” or blind spot. These blind spots are usually on the passenger side of the vehicle, but larger cars may have larger blind spots, especially trucks. Know where these blind spots are located and always pass other vehicles quickly and safely. Avoid lingering next to another vehicle.

Use Your Lights

Iowa law requires motorcyclists to have at least one lighted headlamp for any motorcycle that’s a 1977 model or later, according to Iowa Code Section 321.275(5). Not only does a headlight help to increase a motorcyclist’s ability to see what’s directly in front of a rider, it always help the motorcyclist be more visible to other drivers, too.

Use Your Horn

While the use of a horn can be aggressive in some situations, it can also be an effective way to let a driver know that you’re there so they can avoid striking you. This can give you and your motorcycle some much-needed attention.

What to Do if in a Motorcycle Accident in Iowa

If despite taking precautionary measures on your motorcycle you are in an accident, the first thing that you should do is seek medical attention. If another party caused the accident and you’re in Iowa, contact the attorneys at Walker, Billingsley & Bair. Call us at (888) 435-9886 or use our contact form. You can also review our guide to motorcycle accidents.

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