Pedestrians Should Take Safety Precautions to Avoid Accidents

woman running down road during sunsetThere are a number of reasons a person may be involved in a pedestrian accident. Pedestrian accidents don’t always happen at crosswalks or intersections; sometimes they can happen in the middle of a road or even a parking lot. Pedestrian accidents occur more often in urban areas than rural, because there is more traffic and more people doing outdoor activities. In fact, 85% of all non-fatal accidents happen in urban areas while only 15% happen in rural.

During the summer there is generally an increase in pedestrian accidents involving children, most likely because there are more outdoor activities and kids are out of school for the summer, which means they are out and about playing with their friends. For example, kids 5-9 years old have the highest rate of involvement in pedestrian accidents and of these most of the kids getting hit are male, because they tend to run into the street more.

Are There Dangerous Times of Day?

Just like with car accidents, certain times of the day are more dangerous for pedestrians than others. Most accidents seem to take place when traffic levels are at the highest, which makes perfect sense. Fatal pedestrian accidents are most likely between 5-11 p.m., because it’s darker out and the use of alcohol increases during this time period. Out of all pedestrian fatalities, almost half take place on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. It’s not always the drivers who have been doing the drinking either, there have been many cases where a pedestrian’s blood alcohol level was the legal limit or higher.

Where Should You Walk to Avoid Accidents?

Walking on the sidewalk and always crossing at crosswalks won’t ensure that you’ll never get hit by a car. You never know what drivers are doing or feeling when they are behind the wheel. You could still get hit by a car even if you had the right of way. As a pedestrian you need to watch out for vehicles from all directions and make sure the coast is clear before you walk into the roadway. Walking around is a great way to get exercise or to simply get from here to there. However, it can be dangerous if you don’t follow traffic laws and watch where you are going.

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