West Des Moines Could Get Bike Lanes

There’s good news for those living in West Des Moines, Iowa: amid a growing culture of cycling, the city is considering installing new bike lane/roads. While the city currently has plenty of trails—more than 50 miles—there are no designated bike lanes. The change could not only help to protect cyclists riding through West Des Moines but may also encourage more people to get out of their cars and on their bikes.

Considering New Bike Lane(s)

The idea to install a new bike lane, or bike lanes, throughout the city is due to the growth of cyclists in the metro area. While people are using bikes to exercise, more and more people are also taking up cycling as a more economical, healthy, and environmental way to commute.

Open House for Future Bike Lanes Held

On Tuesday, August 12, 2015, the city of West Des Moines held an open house where members of the public could voice their opinions in regards to potentially opening new bike lanes. If you were not able to attend the open house, you could view the Bicycle Master Plan and Complete Streets Policy online on the West Des Moines’ website. It is very likely that there will be a variety of city council meetings in regards to the bike plan in the future, as well.

According to an online poll provided by 13 WHO TV, there is more opposition the bike lane than there is favor; 59.7 percent of respondents answered that no, they do not believe that a bike lane would be a positive addition to the city. It is likely that these naysayers believe that increases in traffic from additional bike lanes if a bike lane will reduce the number of driving lanes.

Bike Lanes and Bicyclists’ Safety

While there are undoubtedly arguments against the creation of a bike lane in West Des Moines, there are also some significant positives. Of course, of the biggest advantages to a bike path is that is would significantly improve cyclists’ safety.

In addition to riding within a designated bike lane, cyclists can also enhance their security by always wearing a helmet, following all traffic laws, never riding a bike while impaired, wearing bright colors to increase visibility, using bike lights, and yielding to drivers where appropriate. Don’t forget to talk to your kids about bike safety.

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