Posted on May 02, 2014

Recently Corey was featured on KCCI News Channel 8 talking about distracted driving in Iowa. Included in the news segment was a clip from a semi driver's dash cam, capturing another semi driver passing through the median of an interstate; driving right through oncoming traffic. The distracted driver is lucky that all other drivers around were focused on the road, or fatal consequences might have been the ending result. As texting has become a big distraction while driving, we need to remember that it isn't the only distraction. The semi driver is a prime example that if he would have just waited to grab what he had dropped on the floor, none of this would have happened.

Our campaign Iowa FADD (Families Aginst Distracted Driving) focuses on keeping the community safe to prevent tragedies that could have easily been avoided. We encourage teens to agree to stop texting as well as talking while driving. We offer a scholarship and gift cards to those students who agree to quit distracted driving (see select cities). You can learn more about distracted driving and our campaign by clicking the blue links above. We want to help as many people as possible, and keep the eye opening statistics (see Iowa FADD page) from rising any higher.

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