What  Should You Receive for Your Injuries?

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If you were able to prove fault or negligence or have a strict liability case like a dog bite, then your damages will consist of the following. Property damage, most of the time this is damage to your vehicle after a car crash, but can also include other personal items damaged. If your vehicle is able to be repaired, then this consists of the repair costs, storage, towing fees, a rental vehicle, and in some circumstances the loss in value to your vehicle. If the cost to repair your vehicle is more than the value of your vehicle, what is called a total loss. You should receive the fair market value of your vehicle before it was damage plus sales tax and title fees, medical expenses. This includes reasonable and necessary medical expenses you have incurred so far which are called past medical expenses. medical expenses that you are more likely than not to have in the future because of your injuries, which are known as future medical expenses. If you prove that you need future medical expenses, then this will be part of a settlement or a verdict. However, if you have health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, there are no pre existing conditions or riders. So your future medical expenses should be covered by your health insurance. Even though you may receive compensation for it in your case. Lost wages, you should receive your lost wages for time spent off work while you're recovering for your injuries. Even if you've been paid with sick time, or disability pay through work. If your injuries permanently limit your ability to work in the future, then you should receive your future lost wages called loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, also known as your loss of quality of life damages. This is compensation for physical pain and mental anguish you have suffered and will endure in the future because of your injury, loss of full mind and body. This part of your bodily injury claim is designed to reimburse you for any loss of function, or use of your body or mind. This includes scarring, permanent restrictions and permanent injuries to your mind or body. Loss of consortium. serious injuries to a parent or spouse may cause damage to the marital or parent child relationship. If this occurs, you're entitled to recover for the loss of society, affection, assistance and benefits of the injured person. Death. In the case of death, the damages include pre death, pain and suffering, loss of support for independence. Lost consortium just discussed, along with loss of general usefulness, industry and attention within the home and family. Damages are also available for the deceased's lost accumulation of value to his or her estate.

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