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Although preserving and collecting evidence after an auto accident is generally an ongoing process, it really starts at the scene of the crash. In fact, the sooner this is done after a car accident in Iowa, the better protected a claim may be. Iowa personal injury lawyers can help collect further evidence and evaluate it for your claim. 

5 Types of Evidence That Should Be Gathered at an Accident Scene

With just about everyone having access to a camera through cellphones, the ability to take pictures right away can be a great benefit when collecting evidence. Even though a person can return to the scene at a later time, it is best to capture everything while it’s fresh.

1.Photographs, the first type of evidence, are critical after an auto accident. Pictures should be taken of the crash scene, the damaged vehicles, tire marks (in the direction they were treading), damaged property (light pole, building, etc.), street signs, lights and anything else that may be relevant.

2.The second type of evidence that should be gathered at the accident scene is information on the other driver. Be sure to get his or her name, telephone number, address, insurance company, and driver’s license and plate numbers.

3.Gather contact information from any witnesses to the accident, including names, phone numbers and email addresses. If any are willing to write down what happened or provide a handwritten diagram of the accident, this could be helpful to a car accident claim.

4.Ask the responding police officer how to obtain a copy of the accident report. If there is a case number, write that down. Or, at least get the officer’s name. It could make locating the report much easier.

5.Consider gathering contact information of anyone who has taken pictures or video footage, or of any businesses whose surveillance footage may have captured the accident, which may have captured the cause of the accident.

Help from an Iowa Personal Injury Lawyer after a Car Accident

Preserving evidence in an accident claim is critical, and an Iowa personal injury lawyer may help with this process. This means acting quickly after a car accident in Iowa and collecting evidence before there is a chance of it being altered or destroyed. 

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