Home Remedies for Back Pain: Will workers’ compensation cover these costs?

If you currently undergo physical therapy to treat back pain, you can claim those costs in a workers’ compensation claim. But to claim treatment expenses for acupuncture, massage therapy or other home remedies for back pain, it's important to discuss the benefits and efficacy of these treatments with your Des Moines doctor. If the doctor prescribes these treatments and it is proven that your back pain is related to work, then it is likely that your workers’ compensation claim will cover it.

Work-related lower back pain is either the result of repetitive stress on the back muscles or severe trauma in the workplace. From surgery to physical therapy, there are a number of recommended treatment options. Home remedies for back pain may help manage your back pain more effectively.

Aerobic Exercise

With the advent of Pilates and more sophisticated ways of exercise, aerobics seem to have taken a back seat. However, these exercises can help soothe and relieve sore back muscles without placing excessive strain on them. 

Massage Therapy

Some Des Moines patients who suffer from lower back pain may benefit from massages. The therapy is even more effective when used in combination with other lower back pain treatments.

Heat Packs

There’s nothing like a good heat pack to soothe aching muscles. However, a heat pack should not be applied soon after an injury occurs. Wait 48 hours and then begin applications of heat packs to soothe the pain.


According to some experts, it helps if you can condition your body to believe that the pain is not as consistent as you think it is. Experts believe that mindful meditation can help achieve this.

Targeted Exercise

Exercises that benefit the hip, pelvis and abdominal muscles can help relieve back pain because they provide strong support to the back. These can be done with the help of a trainer in a gym or as one of the other home remedies for back pain.

Keep Moving

Don’t use back pain as an excuse to lie in bed all day. If you have an active lifestyle that includes walking, swimming or cycling, keep up the routine. Don't over strain yourself, but don't completely give up your old active lifestyle, either.

Workers’ Compensation for Physical Therapy

Discuss who will pay for physical therapy, massage therapy or other treatments for back pain with a workers’ compensation lawyer in Des Moines. Call 641-792-3595 to speak with an attorney at Walker, Billingsley and Bair, or fill out the contact form and schedule a consultation.

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