How Can I Deal with Depression After a Car Accident?

As you may know, depression affects millions of people in the United State and around the world.  Sign and symptoms of depression include withdrawal from friends and family, feeling sad and down, anxiety, excess or lack of sleep, excessive crying or irritability, excessive eating or loss of appetite, a "negative" attitude about life and the future, and many more symptoms.  The overall symptom is a person just not acting like their normal self.  We all have days where we don't feel great and may have a depressed mood, but depression can be much more debilitating. 

What Should I Do if I Suspect Depression?

If you or a loved one suspect that you are suffering from depression here are some ideas of what to do:

1. Ask for help because you may need it, Don't try to deal with it on your own;

2. Talk to a trusted family member or friend to see if they have noticed any changes to you;

3. Talk to a trusted medical and/or mental health provider that you have seen in the past;

4. Depending upon the severity of your symptoms (for example, if you are considering suicide, hurting yourself or others) seek immediate attention by going to your local hospital emergency room or to a mental health hospital. 

Remember, having depression is normal especially after you have been through the trauma and loss that a car crash can cause.  It is okay to ask for help and failing to seek help can result in your depression being ignored by the insurance company and eventually a judge and/or jury.  It is much better to document the problems you are having with a medical provider than to try to fix the condition on your own.  Seeking help for depression is common and approximately 13% of the US population is on antidepressants.  You may or may not need medication and/or counseling, but it is better to seek help and find out instead of living with untreated depression. 

For some injured Iowans being able to express their emotions caused by the car crash with a counselor can help a lot.  Keeping the emotions bottled up inside can lead to more problems. 

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