It seems that every summer goes by faster and faster.  It is hard to believe that the Iowa State Fair and school will be starting again in the next few weeks here in Iowa.   

Here are a few things that we can all do to help keep our kids safe at school: 

   1. Avoid distracted driving, especially in school zones.  Remember that law enforcement officers will now be pulling people over and giving them significant fines and possible jail time for texting, sending emails, using the internet etc. on their phones while driving.  So please pay attention to the road instead of your phone.   

    2.  Teach your children to resolve problems without fighting.  Remind them to use their words instead of becoming physically aggressive.  This can include reminding them to count to 10 before responding when they are upset, telling them that it takes a bigger person to walk away from a confrontation, recommending that they find an adult at school if they are put in an uncomfortable situation, etc.   

    3. Talk to your children and/or grandchildren about their day.  Sometimes kids will not tell you right away if they are having problems, but if you ask, they may let their guard down and tell you about being bullied, problems with friends, issues with teachers, inappropriate touching, etc. 


While these are some basic recommendations, if everyone talks to the children in their lives about these, then we will all help to make our schools a safer place for our kids. 

Corey Walker
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