Iowa Worker’s Compensation Claim: Causes of a Neck Injury at Work

A work injury that affects your neck could be caused by several activities. If you have been injured in the workplace you should meet with an attorney to discuss how an Iowa Workers' Compensation claim works and if it is the right option for you.


Causes of a Neck Related Work Injury

Activities and situations that can cause neck pain and/or injury include: 

  • a task that requires you to hold your head in a forward position or an unusual position for an extended period of time; 
  • long periods of time spent with your forehead leaning on your fist or arm; 
  • large amounts of stress that create tension in your neck muscle and make them more susceptible to injury; and 
  • excessive work and movement that utilizes upper body and arm muscles. 

Most neck injuries and pain are related to a strain or spasm in the muscles in and around the neck. These muscles and joints become inflamed and can range from a minor to major injury. Depending on the severity of the injury and whether it resulted from an accident at work you may be able to file an Iowa Workers' Compensation claim.

Contacting an Iowa Workers' Compensation Attorney

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