Warm summer days bring many more outside activities and an increased risk of dog bite injuries. There is a combination of reasons why the injuries seem to escalate during these months, making it necessary for everyone to remember dog safety to save themselves from harm.                        

              English Bull dog laying in Ice Iowa Hot Summer    Dogs cooling off in kiddie pool during Iowa summer


More Time Outdoors

One of the most logical reasons for an increased number of injuries from dog bites occurring in the summer is the likelihood of more people spending time outdoors. Whether you are taking long walks in the park, playing in a public area or are at home playing with your own dog, the chances increase. It is important to remember, even while having fun, to keep a close eye on a dog’s demeanor and to avoid contact with any dog that you are not familiar with.

Hot Weather

Many dogs become more irritable during the summer months, especially on really hot days. Different breeds deal with heat differently, but many large dogs simply cannot handle the heat. This means that they are angrier, more uncomfortable and more likely to lash out at anyone that is near them.

In order to avoid becoming another summer statistic and suffering a dog bite injury in the summer, it is important to constantly remind yourself and your family about dog safety. As a general rule, if you are in doubt, it is best to leave the dog alone and avoid the serious consequences of an attack by a dog, no matter how large or small.



Top 5 Tips to Keep Dogs Safe this Summer:

Dogs can only rid their body of heat while panting. They do not have sweat glands - as humans do - except for a few on their feet. Panting alone is not enough when the temperature soars. We have a few recommendations for you and your family to help your dog have a happy and healthy summer >>

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