Types of Bulging Disc Treatments Available

Bulging disc injuries can range from relatively mild to quite severe. Most cases can be treated via non-invasive treatments, while persistent or severe cases might require surgery.

Back injuries are quite common for American workers. Of all the reported work injury cases in 2011, 33 percent were related to musculoskeletal disorders, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of those cases, 42 percent were related to the back and required a median seven days away from work. Even minor cases can force someone on reduced-activity for several weeks or more to allow time for the inflammation and pain to subside.

Conservative Treatments for Bulging Discs

When you’ve suffered a bulging disc injury and are in pain, relief is all you can think about. The good news is that most disc injuries respond well to conservative, non-invasive treatments.

After diagnosis, your doctor may recommend bulging disc treatments such as:

  • prescription medications (anti-inflammatories, steroids, pain medications, and muscle relaxants);
  • manual traction;
  • physical therapy;
  • reduced activity (not performing any strenuous activity or large movements in order to give the body time to heal); and
  • spinal injections to treat pain.

Resorting to Surgery for Severe Cases

When conservative methods fail, doctors may recommend surgery. Some of the types of surgeries used for bulging discs include:

  • discectomies;
  • microdiscectomies;
  • laminotomies;
  • laminectomies; and
  • fusions.

While these options may bring benefit for some patients, they are not always effective and may require additional surgeries. Plus, they are quite costly. A discectomy can cost over $13,000 and a spinal fusion can cost $46,000, according to Healthcare Blue Book. Admittance to a hospital for inpatient treatment for a spinal problem can run over $7,000.

If your disc injury is work-related, you’ll want to look into all possible forms of compensation to cover your medical bills and missed time at work. Contact a local workers’ comp attorney to determine your options and for help pursuing benefits.

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