When an Iowa Workers’ Compensation Claim Leads to Treatment of a Meniscus Tear

When an Iowa Workers' Compensation claim leads to treatment of a meniscus tear, you may wish to speak with a Des Moines Workers' Compensation attorney to ensure you are getting everything you are entitled to.

If you are injured on the job, you are entitled to receive Iowa Workers' Compensation benefits. A meniscus tear (torn cartilage) is one type of injury that may happen while working in a job where you are bending or moving your legs.

Treatment for a meniscus will depend on the extent of damage and the severity of the injury. A doctor chosen by your employer will examine you and determine the best type of treatment plan.

Non-surgical treatment can include anti-inflammatory medicine, ice on the knee, cortisone shots and physical therapy. In some cases surgery may be required for a meniscus tear.

The 3 types of surgical treatment for a meniscus tear include: 

  • Arthroscopic menisectomy - removes torn portion, leaving a healthy portion to heal.
  • Meniscus repair - damaged meniscus is repaired.
  • Meniscus transplantation - transplanting someone else's meniscus in cases where the entire meniscus has been removed and pain continues.  

A meniscus tear may result in you seeking Iowa Workers' Compensation. If so, then you may want to speak immediately with a Des Moines Workers' Compensation attorney in order to determine what benefits you have coming. 

Contacting a Des Moines Workers' Compensation Attorney

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