Is the weekly amount that I am being paid by my Iowa Workers' Compensation correct?

If you have suffered from a work injury in Des Moines, there are a number of ways that your weekly Workers' Compensation rate may be calculated. These vary depending upon if you were paid by the hour, salary, etc.  Also, the amount of permanent compensation you receive is determined by the type of injury that you have suffered, how long your recovery will take, and how your injury will affect your future earning capabilities.

When you suffer a serious workplace injury it's only natural that you'll be concerned about your Workers' Compensation claim. However, the amount of benefits can vary greatly and is dependent on several factors, such as:

  • the nature of your injury;
  • your average gross weekly wages; and
  • whether you need vocational rehabilitation.

If your injury results in a disability, for example, among the various benefits for which you may be eligible are

  • temporary total disability;
  • permanent partial disability; and
  • permanent total disability.

When you claim compensation because of a work injury in Des Moines, some factors that are considered include for an industrial injury (work injuries to your back, neck, brain, shoulder, RSD/CRPS, depression, PTSD, etc.): 

  • your ability to return to work;
  • any permanent disabilities or restrictions;
  • your education;
  • your age;
  • whether surgery was necessary after your accident; 
  • the wages that you may lose in the future; and many other factors.

If you have a scheduled member injury only such as an injury to your arm, leg, hand, foot or eye then the compensation for permanent disability is generally only based upon your impairment rating subject to a few exceptions like the Iowa 2nd Injury Fund.

With so much information to take into account, there really is no "standard amount" of compensation that you should receive; it will all be specific to your case. Therefore, before you accept a settlement, you should get the professional advice of a Des Moines Workers' Compensation lawyer.

A Des Moines Workers' Compensation lawyer can investigate your work injury and do their best to estimate the value of your claim. This way, you will have an idea of how much money you deserve. Your lawyer can also help you to negotiate your financial settlement with the responsible insurer.

Contacting a Des Moines Workers' Compensation Lawyer

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