You do not need a lawyer for every Iowa car accident. For example, if your injuries are minor only requiring a few doctors' appointments and you make a full recovery with no scarring or you were not injured and only sustained property damage. You should consider handling your case on your own because frankly in smaller cases having a lawyer may not help you at all. After all, why would you want to pay a portion of your likely already small settlement to a lawyer?

However, if you have had medical treatment such as physical therapy, surgery, pain management care, and other invasive medical procedures at the very least you should call an experienced Iowa car accident lawyer to find out how they may be able to help you with your case. Having an experienced car accident attorney looking out for your best interests, protecting your rights, and leading you through the process will not only relieve your stress but also will likely result in more money to you.

For example, do you:

-Know what the fair settlement value is for someone injured in a car accident with injuries like yours?

-Know how much insurance coverage the other driver has and if it is not enough what assets may be available to pay for your injuries?

-Know if you have other insurance coverage that may compensate you for your injuries should the other driver only have the state minimum of $20,000 per person for personal injuries.

If you hire the right car accident attorney then once they have your medical records, the police reports, and other documentation they should be able to give you a range of what your case is worth.

What else should an injury attorney do for you?

1. Investigate the facts of your case including hiring a private investigator, if necessary, to interview witnesses, investigating officers, etc.

2. Have all contact with the insurance adjusters on your behalf

3. Request and obtain your medical records and bills

4. Have all contact with the subrogation claims that will come in your case

5. Handle contact with and deal with any collection companies and medical provider bills

6. Explain the legal process and help you determine if you should file suit or try to settle first

7. Give you a realistic value of your case once they have your medical records and know the facts in your case

8. Provide you with copies of letters sent and periodic updates about what is going on with your case

9. Much more explained in our Iowa Car Accident book.

Note: Before you consider hiring any attorney you should look at what their past clients have to say about them on their webpage, at and/or on Google. Also, you should look at the results that they have achieved for prior clients which should be listed on their webpage. If you would like to watch what our prior clients have to say about our services Click Here. To review some of our results in car accident cases Click Here.

We offer a car accident review to you at no cost or risk, just call 641-792-3595. We will answer your questions, tell you about how the system works and give you advice as to whether you need a lawyer in your case or not. If you are not yet ready to talk to an attorney, then we offer our book "The Legal Insider's Guide to Iowa Car Accidents: 7 Secrets to Not Wreck Your Case" at no cost or risk. In the book we will explain in more detail about whether you need an attorney or not; what you should do in order to find the best car accident attorney for you and your case; explain what damages may be available to you in your case (pain and suffering, loss of full mind and body, loss of consortium, etc.); and much, much more. Finally, you can learn about Iowa car accident laws in the comfort of your own home so request your copy of our Iowa Car Accident book now.

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