Last Updated: 12/27/2022

It's not uncommon to wonder who is at fault for a car accident involving U-turn.

Fault will depend on a variety of circumstances:

  • whether the U-turn was made legally;
  • if it was done safely; and
  • if there were other contributing factors.

When it comes to U-turns and left-turn accidents, fault often lies with the driver making the turn, although this is obviously not always the case. Drivers involved in an accident can consult a Des Moines personal injury attorney to go over the circumstances and details of the accident.

Legality of a U-Turn

The first consideration is whether it was legal. Unless there is a sign that explicitly indicates a U-turn is illegal, it is generally not against the law in Des Moines.

One scenario, however, in which a U-turn may be illegal even without a sign prohibiting it is when it’s performed from the wrong lane. An example would be making a U-turn from a middle or right lane.

Safety of a U-Turn

The other issue is whether or not the U-turn was made safely. Turning in a tight area makes it unsafe. Not waiting for big enough gaps in traffic or making the turn slowly can make it unsafe.

Another example of an unsafe U-turn is making one and then failing to keep up with the flow of traffic. A sudden stop or slowing down could cause an accident.

Another issue would be a motorist who makes a U-turn and blocks traffic. This presents a danger to other drivers and could lead to a crash.

Other Contributing Factors in a U-Turn

There could be other factors that weigh into who is at fault for a car accident involving a U-turn. For instance, a legal U-turn could still result in the driver being at fault if he or she was texting at the time or did not yield to other vehicles, such drivers turning right with a solid green or green arrow.

There can be several extenuating circumstances that impact U-turn or left-turn accident fault. It may require seeking legal counsel. A Des Moines personal injury attorney at Walker, Billingsley & Bair can handle these types of traffic cases and can help determine who is at fault in a car accident involving a U-turn. Chat Here Now

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