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First of all, you do not need to get a work comp lawyer for every Iowa work injury. Here are some examples of work injuries where you probably do not need to hire a lawyer:

1. You are hurt but do not miss any work, your medical bills are paid and you make a full recovery; or

2. You are hurt, miss a few weeks of work, your medical bills are paid, but make a full recovery and return to your same job

There are definitely some cases in which you will want an experienced Iowa work comp lawyer helping you through the process, protecting your rights and obtaining the compensation you should receive and those include in no particular order:

1. You sustain a serious work injury which requires surgery, time off work and you are left with permanent problems and/or permanent restrictions;

2. You are hurt at work and you are fired by your employer;

3. Your work injury results in permanent work restrictions that your employer is unable or unwilling to accommodate resulting in your losing your job;

4. You are hurt while working because of the negligence of another person who does not work for the same employer that you do. For example, you are driving a company car when another driver runs a red light and slams into your vehicle. This is a case that will involve a personal injury claim, workers' compensation, and subrogation. It would be very difficult for you to navigate all the legal complexities of a case like this on your own. Also, without an attorney the insurance companies' basically just exchange money around you perhaps leaving you with very little, if any, compensation; or

5. You sustain a permanent work injury and are given a functional impairment rating that you do not agree with. Anytime you wonder if your rights are being violated you should at least contact a work comp attorney to find out if you will need legal assistance or not. You can call our office at no cost or risk. We will answer your questions and help you decide what is best for you and your family. Call now (641) 792-3595.

When should I hire a work comp lawyer? This is a question we receive a lot. If the insurance company is paying your medical bills, providing you with good medical care, paying for your mileage and you generally are having no problems then you probably do not need to rush to hire an attorney. However, if it appears that you are going to end up with some permanent problems, they are delaying or denying your medical care or your checks are being sent late then it is probably time to contact an experienced work comp lawyer.

How do you choose which lawyer is best for you?(find link) While there are many lawyers that advertise on TV trying to get as many cases as possible, our law firm is different. We only accept a limited number of cases because we like having a relationship with our clients. You will not be just another file on a desk at our office. We will treat you like we want to be treated when you join our family of clients. We will return your phone calls, respond to your emails, and keep you posted on your case. If you would like to see how we have treated some of our past clients go to

If you are not ready to call a lawyer yet, but would like additional information about Iowa's work comp laws, the Injured Workers Bills of Rights, and much, much more then request a copy of our Iowa Work Comp Book. We will send you the book at no cost or risk because we have seen too many injured workers ripped off by insurance adjustors who only care about corporate profits and getting you to settle your case for a low amount of money and give up your rights.

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