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It is possible that a settlement will cover dog bite treatment costs such as plastic surgery. It must be proven that the surgery is connected to the dog bite injuries and is necessary to repair damage.

It’s also important to consider future medical costs in addition to those already rendered. Seek legal counsel to ensure that all forms of compensation available in a claim are addressed in the dog bite settlement.

Seeking Dog Bite Treatment Damages for Plastic Surgery

Puncture wounds, lacerations and tears from a dog bite can cause significant scarring and other disfigurements. One of the ways to reduce the appearance of these injuries is through plastic surgery. In some cases it may require several procedures to achieve optimal results.

Plastic surgery is typically required especially if injuries occur on the neck, face and scalp, as these are very visible areas. Stitches may take care of some open wounds but in severe injuries, it may require reconstructive surgery (such as skin grafting).

Plastic surgery can be especially complicated when the damage is significant. For instance, reconstructing a nose. In any event, damages may be available in a dog bite settlement to address plastic surgery costs. The emotional impact experienced as a result of such a serious dog bite may also be considered.

Unfortunately, even after undergoing plastic surgery there may still be visible signs of scarring. Although additional surgeries can sometimes help, there are many circumstances in which no further aesthetic improvement can be achieved. This type of permanent disfigurement can lead to or worsen emotional trauma.

Compensation Available in a Dog Bite Settlement

Typically all medical costs stemming from a dog bite are addressed in a claim. This may include the initial dog bite treatment, such as in an emergency room, surgery, hospitalization and medication. But if the victim is expected to require additional treatment later on, such as plastic surgery, it will be important to take that into consideration before settling the claim.

The time spent healing from plastic surgery or the dog bite itself could also impact the injured person’s ability to work. So it’s just as important to consider future lost wages. And because of the impact it can have on a person psychologically, there may be damages available that address pain and suffering, mental anguish, disfigurement, disability and more.

Contact an Attorney after a Dog Bite

Iowa follows strict liability laws. This means that owners are liable when someone else is injured by his/her dog. It doesn’t matter if this was the first bite or there was no indication of it being a dangerous dog, the owner will be held responsible for damages.

There can still be challenges that arise in these types of cases. Whether it’s proving the damages suffered or showing that the dog was not provoked, it might be beneficial to contact an attorney.

Walker, Billingsley & Bair understands the long-term implications of a dog bite that causes scarring and disfigurement. A lawyer will ensure that compensation an injured person is entitled to receive is adequately addressed in a claim. Don’t delay seeking legal advice. Call now: (641) 792-3595.

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