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A calcaneus injury (a fractured heel bone) can be one of the most disabling injuries that an injured worker can receive.  Through the years, we have represented dozens of workers in Iowa who sustained a fracture to one or both of their calcaneus bones.  Often surgery is required to stabilize the fractures which includes placing hardware in the form of plates and screws.  Statistically, a high percentage of workers with this injury never return back to work.  Even if you do return back to work, most workers end up with some permanent restrictions such as only standing for 30 minutes at a time or sit-down sedentary work only. 

What Benefits Can I Receive if I Have a Calcaneus Fracture?

If you or a loved one have sustained a calcaneus fracture then you will be entitled to some permanent disability benefits under Iowa law, but the question will be how much should you receive.  Depending upon a number of factors, including if you fractured both heals; if you develop back, hip or other spine problems because of the changes in the way you walk (walk we call an altered gait); whether you develop depression, anxiety or other mental health issues because of your foot injury(s); and/or whether you have had a prior injury to your hand, arm, foot or eye thereby qualifying you for the Iowa 2nd injury fund.  (Note: the prior injury does not have to be a work related condition.  The condition could have been something you were born with, had a prior knee surgery in high school, carpal tunnel from a prior employer, etc.). 

How Will They Determine The Amount of Benefits I Receive?

Depending upon the above factors, your calcaneus fracture could be treated as a scheduled member injury claim meaning your percentage of disability the doctor gives you times the total value of a foot.  For example, a 10% permanent impairment rating to your foot would result in only 15 weeks of permanent benefits being owed.  (10% X the total value of a lost foot - 150 weeks = 15 weeks).  However, if you meet one of the above described situations then your injury may be treated as a non-scheduled industrial disability case in which a 10% impairment rating is only one of many factors (age, education, restrictions, ability to return to your same job, wages, etc) in determining the percentage of 500 weeks you receive or even possibly permanent total disability, which is a weekly check for the rest of your life.  For example, you may have a 10% rating to your foot, but may be owed 50% industrial disability which would be 250 weeks of PPD benefits (500 X 50% = 250). 

What Should I Do Next?

As you can see, there are many different things that can affect the value of your case.  The one thing for sure is that you do not want to just accept what the insurance company is offering you or sign any settlement documents without first learning your rights and consulting with a qualified Iowa workers comp lawyer.  For more information about how much compensation you should receive for your work injury contact our office at (641) 792-3595 for your NO COST Iowa work injury disability evaluation and review or Chat Here Now.

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