Last Updated: 4/20/2023

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Frankly, most injured workers and many Iowa attorneys do not know about the Iowa Second Injury Fund.  The second injury fund was created in 1951 after World War II to help injured veterans who came back missing limbs.  The law has been expanded and covers more than what it originally did. 

In order to prove a second injury fund case, the first thing is that you have to have a current work injury to one or more of the following body parts: arm, hand, leg, foot or eye.  If your work injury extends to another body part like your shoulder, hip or back, then you may not qualify for the second injury fund. 

The second requirement is that prior to your current work injury, you sustained a prior injury to a different hand, arm, foot, leg or eye.  The first injury does not need to be a work injury and in fact could be a condition that you were born with.  However, the first injury needs to be something that was a permanent injury.  It may be a permanent injury if it required surgery, you were given permanent restrictions, or you were given a permanent impairment rating, etc. 

If you meet both of these legal requirements, then you may be entitled to Iowa Second Injury Fund benefits.  Keep in mind that if you think you qualify for second injury fund benefits, you should consult with a qualified workers compensation attorney because there are many mistakes that you could make.  For example, you do not want to sign any settlement paperwork for your current workers compensation injury or you will likely lose your claim. 

If you or a loved one has been hurt at work and wonder what compensation should be paid then call us now at (641) 792-3595 to find out.  If one of our workman comp attorneys is not available, then you should schedule a work injury evaluation available to you at no cost or risk.  Also, if you do not have our Iowa Workers' Compensation book then you should request it because it reveals how you can avoid making a costly mistake along with the Injured Workers Bill of Rights and more. 

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