Learn more about the Link Between Depression and Traumatic Brain Injury

Scan of brain after head injury at workIf you have suffered a brain injury from a car accident in Des Moines, Iowa, your chances of suffering from major depression are greatly increased over those that have not suffered from a brain injury.  Studies have found that more than half of the victims that suffer TBI as a result of a car accident suffer from major depression within one year of the accident.

Dealing with a Brain Injury

The medical treatment of symptoms and complications from TBI as a result of a car accident in Des Moines, Iowa tends to focus on the physical and cognitive symptoms.  One major symptom that many doctors tend to ignore is the major depression that can ensue.  Psychological symptoms can pose the same or even more disability than the physical or cognitive symptoms of TBI, therefore slowing the recovery of the victim down significantly.  The combination of impaired cognitive ability and physical disability combine to make the victim frustrated, upset and eventually depressed.

Challenges of Depression after TBI

The challenges of depression after TBI are different than those that experience isolated depression.  Because depression impedes the recovery of the car accident victim with TBI it hinders their recovery to varying degrees.  Some of the challenges that victims experience include:
  • Slower rehabilitation
  • Diminished daily activities
  • Higher stress levels
  • Reduced employment/lost wages
  • Very low social activity
  • Increased risk of suicide


Those who suffer from depression put themselves at more risk of not recovering correctly after a traumatic brain injury. The mind is at a diminished state and depression theoretically eats away at the mind. It takes willpower and determination to recover from such an injury and when depression comes into the picture, it can ultimately affect the entire recovery process.

The most important step that those who suffer from TBI and depression after a car accident can take is to consult with their doctor.  The earlier a patient seeks help, the more likely they are to be able to treat their depression and to recover from the complications of their TBI.

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