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Shoulder injuries at work in Iowa can be a very severe pain to deal with. As with most injuries that occur on the job, an ounce of prevention can go a long way to helping you achieve long term health. There are a few things you can do to help prevent shoulder injuries. These things include a proper warm up of the muscles you’ll be using before beginning your work day and practicing exercises designed to strengthen your rotator cuff.

While there are some shoulder problems that develop due to wear and tear of the muscles in questions, others are the direct result of aging. They can, however, be exacerbated by the type of work you do. These injuries at work vary a great degree in severity. Some are minor annoyances while others can prevent you from doing your job until they are corrected.

Sudden Acute Injury

This type of injury is the most common injury related to shoulder pain. It can often be caused by falling onto an outstretched arm, twisting or bending in an abnormal manner or a direct blow to the shoulder. Common manifestations of this injury include bruising and swelling in the area of injury. Whenever blood vessels or nerves are damaged in the course of the injury you may notice a tingly or numb feeling in the shoulder, hand or arm.

Overuse Injuries

While acute injuries account for a fair amount of injuries at work in Iowa, they aren’t the only injury that occurs. Overuse injuries are the result of everyday activities that wreak havoc on the joints. Inflammation and muscle strain are the most common of these types of injuries. Overhead arm movements can lead to significant rotator cuff damage over time as well.

Treating Shoulder Injuries

Depending on the type of shoulder injury and the extent of damage there are several different treatment options that may be offered. Rest, ice, ibuprofen and physical therapy are often the first options for treating these injuries that occur on the job. However, more extensive damage or debilitating injuries may require surgery in order to be corrected.

Prevention will always be your first line of defense against shoulder injuries at work in Iowa. When that fails, it’s a good idea to immediately consult with a physician to find out what your next line of action should be.

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