With warm weather in Des Moines quickly approaching, the urge to hop on your bike and go for a long motorcycle ride is probably irresistible. Before you do, though, follow these tips for getting your motorcycle ready for riding season and making your ride as safe as possible.

Start with the Exterior

If your bike was in storage for the winter, the first step will be to remove its cover, wipe off any dust and grime, and remove any plugs or stoppers that had been put on to keep out animals or other foreign materials.

Check the Fuel System

The fuel system will need a thorough check prior to the first ride of the season. If you’re not sure how to do it yourself, call a mechanic to check for any cracks or leaks in your fuel line and to change the fuel filter. If the gas that you stored in your bike is in good shape, you can leave it in the tank -- otherwise, you’ll want to drain the tank and replace it with fresh fuel.

Change the Oil

Always change your oil and oil filter before riding your bike for the first time of the season, especially if you didn’t replace the oil before it was stored for the winter. And even if you did change your oil before storing it, make sure at least to check the oil level before heading out on your first ride.

Put Air in the Tires

Tires tend to lose air when stored without moving for months at a time and may even develop flat spots if the bike wasn’t elevated throughout the winter months. Because good tires are critical to safety, make sure you give the tires a thorough check and replace them if flat spots have developed. Otherwise, check their PSI and fill with air if needed.

Charge Your Battery

If your bike was stored with the battery in it without a trickle charge running, it’s likely that all the juice from the battery is gone, and a charge will be necessary. If the battery is charged, then just removing the battery and cleaning it prior to replacement will suffice.

Keep Yourself Safe While Riding

To learn more about the importance of safe riding and safe riding tips, read our page on motorcycle safety tips in Des Moines and tips for choosing a helmet. If you need assistance recovering damages after a motorcycle accident, the team at Walker, Billingsley & Bair is here to help. 

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