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Treatment for deep dog bites may involve stitches or staples to close the wounds. If you or your child sustained a dog attack injury, consult a personal injury law firm in Iowa to begin discussing your legal options and to protect your rights.

Types of Dog Bite Injuries

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs each year, and one in every five results in injuries that necessitate medical attention. Furthermore, the CDC reports that more than 30,000 people underwent reconstructive surgery after an attack in 2006.

Some dog attack injuries can be brutal, causing significant health complications, disfigurement and even death. Among dog attack injuries that may be caused by a dog bite are tissue tears, deep lacerations, fractures, crushing injuries and puncture wounds. Many doctors and surgeons decide to use staples and sutures for dog bite wounds, particularly if the wounds are large.

Treatment for deep dog bites vary, however, and in some cases, stitches and staples may not be necessary or appropriate, as when the wound is on an area where stitching may increase infection risk. Your attending medical professionals will perform a medical exam and discuss the best possible treatment plan for you, one that minimizes scarring and the risk of infection.

Complications of Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bite wounds may carry the risk of a number of complications. These may include infection, scarring, disfigurement and damage to structures in the body, such as muscles or tendons. 

Additionally, emotional injuries may result from a dog attack. Injuries can be incredibly terrifying and cause emotional issues like post-traumatic stress disorder, in some cases. Iowa dog bite victims may find Iowa Health a good starting point in locating suitable mental health providers after the attack.

Compensation may be available after a dog bite attack, but cases of this nature may be tricky to prove if emotional damages are sought. For help with your case, call a personal injury law firm in Iowa for legal counsel regarding your specific circumstances.

Caring for Deep Dog Bite Wounds

Paying special attention to aftercare and following doctor’s orders is crucial to helping prevent complications after receiving treatment for a deep dog bite. Your doctor will provide aftercare instructions on keeping the wound area clean, which self-care methods should be used, and how your stitches or staples will be handled.

Your physician may advise you to take various self-care measures. These may include keeping the wound clean, bandaging the wound, icing the area and elevating the injury. Treatment for deep dog bites might include prescribed medications such as antibiotics and pain medication, and some may be advised to receive a tetanus shot.

Steps to Take After the Attack

Naturally, the first thing you’ll to do if you or your loved one has experienced a dog attack injury is to seek medical attention immediately. The next items on the agenda include: 

  • contacting local authorities if the dog is loose and/or an imminent danger to others;
  • collecting information from the dog owner regarding rabies vaccinations; and
  • consulting a personal injury law firm in Iowa that handles dog attack injuries.

Your attorney may advise you on the dog bite laws applicable to your situation. A lawyer can help you lay out a plan to seek compensation for your injuries and the high cost of treatment for deep dog bites.

Contacting a Personal Injury Law Firm in Iowa

When you’re dealing with cases like dog bite attacks, seek legal representation to help protect your case. Walker, Billingsley & Bair has helped clients successfully resolve their cases and is available for free consultations. Call (888) 435-9886 to speak with a staff member today if you wish to discuss recovering compensation for treatment for a deep dog bite injury or other damages. You can also Chat Here Now.

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