The adrenaline, anxiety, and trauma of a sudden motorcycle accident in Iowa, can be disorienting at the very least, but certain actions can help shape the ramifications of the accident. If the accident was not your fault, you may be able to recover the costs of some or all of your medical fees through a personal injury claim. Contact an Iowa motorcycle crash attorney to schedule a consultation about your accident and determine if you are eligible for compensation.

Immediately After a Motorcycle Accident

Your first priority immediately after a motorcycle crash should be to seek medical attention. If you or anyone else at the accident scene is injured, be sure that emergency responders are notified so that proper care is on the way.

If the accident was not your fault and you are considering pursuing a claim for your injuries, failing to seek treatment will cast doubt on the validity of your injury claim. Even if your injuries seem minor or don't seem to hurt very much, get checked out as a precaution against deceptively unobvious injuries such as minor traumatic brain injury or internal bleeding.

Stay at the scene of the accident to exchange insurance and driver information. If the police were notified and are on the way, you must wait until they arrive. Answer their questions honestly and factually, but do not say anything that might indicate fault. Even a polite, "I'm sorry," to the other driver can be misconstrued as an admission of guilt. Leaving the accident scene before the proper information has been exchanged or the police have arrived is a crime.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Iowa, that wasn't your fault, you shouldn't have to bear the burden of the cost of your medical treatment. Contact a Motorcycle Crash Attorney about your accident as soon as possible.
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