Posted on Aug 21, 2015

Last Sunday, Wade Franck, a cyclist from the Des Moines area, was struck by a drunk driver while participating in the Urban Assault Ride.  On Tuesday, Franck passed away from injuries caused by the accident.

Bike shops from the surrounding Des Moines area came together to host a ride in honor of him, including Kyle's Bikes; the bike shop Franck worked at. More than 60 cyclists rode in this event to show their support in memory of him along with raising awareness of the importance of watching out for bicycles on the rode.

Here at our office, we see cases that involve bicycle accidents far too often. That is why we have a bicycle safety campaign to support cyclists and bring awareness to drivers that they are not the only ones on the roads. Our goal is to prevent accidents like  Franck's from ever happening and to keep the mindset of drivers that there are others on the road, especially this time of year. 

For more information about our campaign, visit: where we offer our book that includes information about the protection of cyclists because we are avid bicyclists ourselves and believe all Iowans should have the right to this information. Along with our free book, we are also sending out free bumper stickers (as shown below) to those who request them!





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