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As mentioned earlier, while I provided you with lots of information in this video, nothing I have told you is legal advice. Your case is different from every other case because no two cases have the exact same facts. Therefore, do not rely upon the information provided in this video as legal advice. Because it is not. You should consult with a qualified workers compensation attorney to discuss the specific facts in your case and obtain legal advice. As discussed in more detail in our book, there are very strict time guidelines to report a work injury and file a claim. So you should not wait to seek legal help. Failing to timely report a work injury or file a claim can result in you receiving no compensation. As mentioned in our book, and in this video, if your case qualifies You do not currently have an attorney. Then we will discuss your work injury matter with you at no cost, risk or obligation. We will take the time to answer your questions, explain the system to you and give you advice about your case. Usually, we start with the phone consultation to make sure that your case is one we can help you with. Then often we will schedule an in person conference to meet and go over the process. If you are not local to one of our four offices, then we will usually come to your town as we represent injured workers throughout the state of Iowa. We are committed to helping you the injured worker with your journey through the Iowa workers' compensation system. Thanks for watching this video. We hope you learn more about the system. And we look forward to talking to you soon about your Iowa workers' compensation claim. Thank you

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