How Much Should Your Settlement Be?

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How much should my settlement be is a question that we hear a lot. The first thing to consider is how you were injured and if you were partially at fault for your injuries. For example, if the police found that both you and the other driver were at fault for a car accident, the value of the case will be much different than if you were rear ended by a drunk driver. Besides how you were injured, the type and nature of your injuries will determine how much your case is worth. For example, if you miss work, required surgery and have a permanent disability caused by your personal injury accident, then your case will be worth much more than if you treated for a few weeks and are now fine. Every case is different. So you should consult with a qualified Iowa personal injury attorney to find out more about the value of your case. Keep in mind that in order to give you an accurate evaluation, the attorney will need to know the facts from you and probably review medical records as well. The more information the attorney has, the better he or she can tell you about the value of your case.

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