If You Hire An Attorney, How Is Your Attorney Paid?

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If you decide to hire a personal injury attorney. How is your attorney paid? Almost every qualified Iowa personal injury attorney will agree to take your case on what is called a contingency fee. This means that unless the attorney is able to get you compensation. Then you do not have to pay the attorney, any attorney fees, some attorneys will ask you to advance expenses to hire experts and pay other costs, but we do not at our office, we do not ask you to advance any money, because we understand that financially, you are probably struggling after your injury. Also, at our office. If we're not successful in obtaining your compensation. Then you do not owe us anything, not even the expenses we advanced for your case, if we are successful in your case, then you will reimburse us for out of pocket expenses. In addition to our attorney fees, which is a percentage of your recovery, depending upon how far your case go. For example, your cases settled before filing the petition. The fee is less than if we file a petition and litigate your case. If we have a trial, and there's an appeal, then our percentage is higher. If we do not obtain you any compensation. Then you owe us nothing, not even our out of pocket expenses, which is why there is no risk to you.

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