Impairment Rating Amounts

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Is the amount you are paid for your impairment rating all that you should receive? The answer to this question is it depends. If you have a scheduled member injury, which is an injury to your leg, foot, knee, hand, arm, ears, or eyes and you do not have permanent restrictions and are able to return to your regular job, then you're probably only entitled to the impairment rating. However, keep in mind that you do have a right to a second opinion concerning the amount of your impairment rating, as explained in our book and in this video. Otherwise, if you have a permanent injury, permanent work restrictions and lose your job or making less money now because of your work injury, then chances are you should receive more than just the impairment rating. Even if you have a scheduled member injury, then you may qualify for the Iowa second injury. Keep in mind, every case is different. So you should consult with an experienced work injury attorney to find out what if any additional compensation you should receive.

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