Medical Release Forms

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Every week injured workers ask us Can I get money for pain and suffering? Pain and suffering damages are not available in the Iowa workers compensation system, as there are limitations on the damages available because of the trade off made between employees and employers when the statute was passed in 1913, as discussed in the prior chapter, under the Iowa workers compensation system, your damages are generally broken down into three categories for claims that had been emitted by the insurance company. Number one, past and future medical care for your work injury-related condition. This includes mileage to and from your medical appointments. Number two, a weekly check, while you're unable to work, can only work part-time or are making less money than you did then when you were injured. This is paid up until the time you reach MMI, which stands for maximum medical improvement. Number three, compensation for permanent disability. The amount of compensation varies greatly depending upon your weekly rate, type of injury, you have permanent restrictions and your ability to return to work. I discussed the different types of permanent disability benefits available to you in another chapter. Also, you can receive limited vocational benefits if you are in an approved vocational retraining program.​

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