The Independent Living Program at the Iowa Department for the Blind helps Iowans who are Blind or are experiencing severe vision loss live independently so they can stay in their own homes and live healthy, productive lives.  Many people experiencing vision loss think they will no longer be able to live independently and remain active in their communities. Their Independent Living teachers help people discover strategies and simple solutions to everyday problems. They travel throughout Iowa to help clients learn skills and techniques that that they can use to perform daily tasks without vision. Services are tailored to each individual. Working together, the teacher and individual find solutions to common everyday problems such as preparing meals, reading and writing, getting around their homes and communities safely using a long white cane, medication identification strategies, accessible health management aids and devices, and enjoying leisure activities. They work with clients on dialing a telephone, labeling household items, and identifying clothing and colors, and many other tasks.

Small group training sessions allow clients to provide peer support and encouragement to one another. These trainings may be held in different locations across the state. We also offer one-week Senior Orientation-Integration sessions in Des Moines. These opportunities give participants an interactive experience that builds confidence and skills while forging new friendships.  For more information about their services or to visit the Department for the Blind to schedule a tour, please contact them at 1–800–362–2587, Ext. 1. You can check-out their website at:  You can also follow them on Facebook at:

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