Last Updated: 4/27/2023

After a serious car accident, your medical records and mounting bills can clearly prove just how hurt you were in the accident. The residual pain, need for surgery, and physical therapy visits are all clear signs that it has taken you a long time to recover.

But when it comes time for the at-fault party’s insurance company to settle the claim,

How are they going to know the real pain you went through?

How are they going to know that you couldn’t play with your kids the way that you used to?

How are they going to know that date nights with your wife are now few and far between?

How are they going to understand the loss you feel about no longer being able to work at the job you proudly held with the same company for 20 years?

How are they going to understand the exhaustion you feel about having to sleep in the living room for months because you cannot go up the stairs?

How are they going to comprehend the stress you are going through knowing that your savings are all but depleted because of all of the medical bills from the accident?

All of these important, life-changing aspects must be communicated to the insurance company by your attorney every early on. Sure, there is a chance that if your case goes to trial, you will be able to describe the impact that the accident has had on your life when you are up on the stand. But many car accident claims are settled out of the courtroom, which is why to maximize your recovery, you must make sure that your attorney includes with the Demand for Settlement an Impact Statement outlining all of the changes you have been forced to go through because of the other driver’s negligence. You owe it to your family and you owe it to yourself to tell the full story. 

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