Recently in Toledo, a 16-year-old boy suffered from a traumatic brain injury while practicing football.  

Due to the extreme heat, the coaches instructed the players not to wear their full uniforms. After the drills were met to their coach's standards, the players were asked to change into their full uniforms in a certain time frame; or rigorous consequences would be arranged.  Many of the teammates were not able to meet this expectation, that forced them to have to participate in some demanding drills.

The harsh drills that were implemented, caused one 16 year old to become unresponsive along with showing many other signs of a brain injury.  No ambulance or help was called to assist this player until after practice. This resulted in him needing to spend the night in an Intensive Care Unit. The drills that many of the players had to take part in did not comply with the high school's athletic guidelines. This article expresses the importance of talking to your child athletes about their drills in practice, and to know what is being enforced at their practices. 

For the full article, click on the link below:

When Drills Become Dangerous


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