Motorcycle accident prevention tips that can save your summer

Summer is the time when bikers hit the road to enjoy the warm weather. It also means that riders can find themselves becoming lenient when it comes to safety. Read on to learn the top five ways riders can prevent accidents during the warm weather months.

- Always make sure that your motorcycle is working properly. Frequently having your bike serviced is one of the easiest ways to prevent an accident caused by a motorcycle malfunction. Check your fluids, change your brakes as soon as needed, and make sure your tires have the proper tread to keep you and your passenger safe.

- Avoid riding too close to other cars. Giving yourself extra time to get to your destination will prevent you from giving in to the urge to ride in between cars, pass other vehicles, and drive too closely to other cars that may not always see you.

- Protect your head. Summer riding can mean high temperatures and extra humidity, which is not always fun when wearing a hot and sweaty helmet. Invest in a helmet that comes equipped with air vents, which will allow your head to stay cool while you ride. Don’t sacrifice your safety just because the warm weather makes it uncomfortable to wear a helmet.

- Wear protective clothing. Even minor, non-life-threatening motorcycle accidents have the potential to cause serious and painful road rash and other injuries. Avoid this by always wearing long pants, long sleeves, closed-toe shoes or boots, and a riding jacket.

- Be extra cautious when riding in a group. Summertime is when many charities sponsor organized rides to raise money, memorialize a rider who has passed or to bring awareness to a specific cause. The more riders that are in the group, sharing a narrow road, the more likely there is to be an accident. Pay attention to how close you are to other riders and be considerate of space.

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