Last Updated: 2/9/2023

If you or a loved one have been hurt at work and been given medical restrictions, then you should follow those restrictions. 

Trying to return to your normal job when your restrictions do not allow you to do the job is a bad idea for several reasons including:

            1. You may be reinjured or sustain a new work injury;

            2. Your employer may decide to fire you for working outside of your restrictions; and

            3. Your doctor will not be happy with you as he/she cannot help you if you do not help yourself. 

If your employer asks you to work outside of your work restrictions, we recommend you keep a copy of your work restrictions in your pocket or your locker at work.  That way if you are asked to exceed the restrictions, you have written documentation from your doctor about what you should and should not do at work. 

Also, keep in mind that if you have difficulty doing your job within your restrictions, you should notify your employer and your doctor about the problems.  This way you can have your restrictions changed, if necessary, so you do not sustain additional injuries.  Overall, it is not a good idea to return to full duty work without medical clearance lifting the restrictions from your doctor.

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