If you’re hurt in a drunk driving accident, the driver and other parties may be liable for your injuries. There could be a number of other parties who hold liability for damages done in the wreck, depending on the circumstances of the case. If you were hurt in a DUI accident, consult an Iowas personal injury attorney to find out who may be liable for your injuries. 

Third parties who may hold DUI liability include: 

  • Restaurants, bars and establishments – If a restaurant, vendor or establishment knowingly serves alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person, they may be held liable for damages if a DUI accident occurs.
  • Social or party hosts – If a drunken driving collision happens after the driver leaves a party or social gathering in which alcohol was provided, the host of that party or event may be held liable for injuries.
  • Passengers in the vehicle – A passenger could hold DUI accident liability if he or she allowed another passenger to get in the vehicle while aware of the driver’s inebriated state.
  • Police officers – In some instances, if a police officer allows a driver to continue driving while intoxicated, he or she may be considered liable.
  • Taxi driver/company – If a cab or limo driver drops a noticeably intoxicated person off at his or her car, the driver or company could be held responsible in the event of a drunken driving accident. 

If you were involved in a DUI accident, you may be due punitive damages in addition to the compensation you receive for your injuries and other damages. This is intended to punish the party responsible for your injuries and discourage such behavior in the future. Your lawyer can review your case to determine if you may be due these damages as well.  

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