Last Updated: 6/22/2023

Medical payments coverage is one type of coverage all Iowa motorists should include on their policy. It can help cover expenses associated with a serious injury even if you caused the accident. But it can also help cover medical expenses prior to setting with an at-fault driver. Medical payments coverage could also pay for co-pays and deductibles on your health insurance.

What is medical payments coverage?

The only required auto insurance in the state of Iowa is liability insurance. This pays for property damage and injury-related expenses when the policyholder is at fault for an accident. But it doesn’t cover expenses when someone else is responsible for the accident.

The other driver should pay for an injured person’s medical bills when at fault. But you wouldn’t recover compensation for your medical expenses until reaching a settlement with the at-fault driver’s insurer. Meanwhile, the costs for a serious injury will start to accumulate.

Medical payments coverage isn’t based on fault. So it’s available regardless of responsibility for the crash. There usually isn’t a lengthy wait, so it can start to cover medical bills relatively quickly after the accident. Of course, payment depends on the amount of coverage you purchased.

Medical Payments Coverage in Serious Accidents

A serious collision can result in expensive treatment. For instance, let’s say someone sustains head and facial injuries. The individual receives treatment in an emergency room. But also needs extensive dental work and care for a traumatic brain injury.

The other driver’s insurance company is dragging its feet settling the claim for a fair amount. Medical payments coverage can help cover those costs up to policy limits.

Medical Payments Coverage & Health Insurance

Most health insurance plans cover the medical bills after a car accident injury. But health insurance plans usually require a deductible, which can be several thousand dollars in many cases, before insurance will start paying for bills. Medical payments coverage on your auto insurance can help you cover these deductibles.

Further, you may have to provide a co-payment when you use your health insurance. But medical payments coverage can help you cover these costs as well.

Will my insurance company seek reimbursement?

Through subrogation, insurance companies may recover their costs. So if your auto insurance or health insurance provides coverage for your medical bills, these companies may recover compensation from your settlement or judgment from the other insurance company. Speak with your attorney to learn more about subrogation and its effects on your final settlement.

Importance of Legal Advice after Serious Injury in a Car Accident

Medical costs are oftentimes significant for serious injuries. A serious injury may require not only immediate treatment but ongoing or long-term care. It’s important to consider the impact of both current and future expenses in such cases. An attorney can help you file a claim against the at-fault driver to recover fair compensation for your medical bills and other expenses or losses, such as reduced earning capacity or lost wages.

An attorney will account for all financial, physical and emotional losses in a settlement. Don’t wait to learn more about your rights if someone else’s negligence is the cause of injury. Call Walker, Billingsley & Bair at (888) 435-9886 or contact us online to set up a consultation.

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