You need to seek an Iowa workers' comp attorney immediately if you believe your work injury is not healed and your employer is demanding you return to work. Your employer’s actions may be just a game to terminate your workers’ compensation benefits. 

Employers are much more familiar with the workers’ compensation system than most workers are. Employers may have aligned themselves with certain doctors who are not looking out for your best health interests but those of the company. 

Anytime a treating physician advises you to go back to work when you know your work injury is not completely healed, a red flag should go off in your mind. This is especially true if your concerns about your injury go unheeded by the doctor. If no testing or x-rays are prescribed to check out the progress of your injury, you may not be getting the best medical advice. 

Another red flag is if the physician attempts to coerce you to take a new job at the company that was especially created for you. There have been cases where an injured worker followed this advice just to find that a few weeks later the job was eliminated along with the employee and the workers’ compensation benefits. An employer must make reasonable accommodations for you to return to work and cannot force you to do so otherwise. 

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