What Motorcycle Apparel to Wear to Avoid Motorcycle Burn Injuries?

It’s no secret that motorcycle helmets can reduce the risk of head injuries, including skull fractures and brain damage, in the event of a motorcycle accident. Although less often considered—but one that is just as important to consider—is motorcycle apparel to reduce the risk of suffering a burn injury

In a lot of cases, burns occur as a result of road rash in a crash. But burns can also happen as a result of heat burns (when the body makes contact with the exhaust pipes or muffler) or chemical burns such as those involving gasoline. Serious burns can lead to a variety of complications, including permanent disfigurement.

Types of Motorcycle Apparel That May Reduce or Prevent Burn Injuries

A motorcyclist may have no way of preventing a crash, especially if another driver’s negligence causes the accident. But wearing the right apparel could make a significant difference when it comes to burn injuries.

All over body coverage can be obtained with a heavy duty jacket, pants, and gloves. Clothing made from leather and other sturdy materials provides better protection from deep abrasions. Motorcycle boots, meanwhile, provide better protection than other types of footwear. 

Special clothing designed for motorcyclists is even available. For instance, some contain impact-resistant material or armor is integrated into the apparel to protect the rider in the event of an accident.

Eye protection isn’t just important to keep out debris. It may even help protect a motorcyclist’s sight in the event a crash leads to a chemical spill. Corrosive or toxic chemicals that get into the eyes can cause significant injury.

Comfort is important, but with so many different styles and choices when it comes to motorcycle apparel, there is no reason to shortchange oneself on safety. Providing protection from the top of the head to the soles of the feet can reduce the risk of various types of physical harm in the event of an accident, including burn injuries.

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